Ayo Ajigbolamu

CEO & Managing Partner

Ayo Ajigbolamu is the founder, CEO and also a Managing Partner at Atlanta Real Estate Partners (AREP).

Ayo has spearheaded the AREP funding in the United States from inception, working with the best talents in city planning, coordination with civil engineers and architects, identifying the most valuable locations for the planned projects. While identifying the choice investors outside the United States, he has put together a team that comprised of real estate attorney, agents and business development experts.

With exactly 22 years in information technology, out of which over a decade has been in leadership and executive positions, leading the AREP initiative is another milestone he's making in his career. Today, he oversees the culture, strategy, marketing and operations of AREP, which has taken him through understanding the industry very extensively. It should also be mentioned that Ayo served as the HOA (Homeowners Association) President for seven years. In this role, he led all efforts that make up real estate compliance with both city and county governments. Swift and accuracy in determining who is best fit to manage a "four hundred and twenty one" single family homes community is another experience of his that cannot be overemphasized.

Solving business challenges that involves bringing talents from various line of businesses is a passion for Ayo.

In 1994, Ayo earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin.

Corey Watkins

Building Strategies Executive

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Corey's family is now deeply rooted in Atlanta having being around for over 20 years.

He has been blessed to have had a successful career in various roles working for a variety of companies especially a rewarding career in real estate as evidenced in his role at Century Communities (NYSE:CCS). In his role at Century, Corey worked directly with builders onsite. He helped them strategize and develop detailed plans for building residential homes. This included types and styles of homes based on what trend was in demand in the real estate market. As a licensed Realtor since 1999, he has built long-term and positive relationships with Brokers and other Realtors in the industry. A few Corey's key accomplishments are:

  • Successfully opened and sold four different communities; the largest consisted of 110 homes.
  • Planned and presented regular presentations to potential home buyers.
  • Held ongoing training and seminars at various industry events and to various realtor groups.

Corey brings a wealth of knowledge he has garnered in real estate over the years to AREP. He has currently been challenged with what property buyers would like in terms of designs, styles and other indices involved in property listing and selling as forecast.

Corey earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Management from Savannah State University.

Tracy Sprowls

Business Development Executive

As a real estate agent focal, Tracy focuses real estate development efforts that complement property sales. She is the builder and development teams' go-to person for consumers' interest that essentially facilitate sales.

Tracy is a Georgia native who understands the local real estate market and brings her expertise as a leader in the industry. She leads all elements of investor relations, marketing, and business development for AREP, which involves creating and executing market and divisional strategies, driving real estate awareness, and establishing relationships with accredited individuals, wealth managers, asset managers, institutions, investment consultants to raise capital. She also bring skills to help:

  • Establish marketing pipelines, partnerships and investor servicing procedures.
  • Create all collateral materials (pitch books, fact sheets, due diligence questionnaires).
  • Direct due diligence, finalize negotiations with prospective investors.

Tracy earned a Master of Science degree in Information technology from Kennesaw States University.

Ope Ajigbolamu

Research & GIS Specialist

Ope is a very valuable asset to the AREP initiative. With extreme interest in sophisticated and exemplary residential properties, she brings innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and on-point advisory on what potential homeowners are looking for. As a pioneer staff at AREP, she continues to foster relationships among a wide range of individuals who are most needed for meeting the deadlines that have been slated for each phase of projects.

Ope has been tasked with the interpretation of all physical, environmental and topographical factors of land lots planned for each project vis-à-vis their correlation and compliance with city and county geographical information systems presets. With exceptional talent of critical understanding, her leadership in this vital role has not only helped us cut down on time spent in research but has also helped found solutions to various issues that may have taken trained county and city planning division official some time to tackle.

With background in leadership and people's management, Ope runs all the preliminary aspects of land lots acquisition and Real Estate Owned (REO) division research and purchases.

Ope earned an MSc degree in Information Technology from Kennesaw States University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

Robert Burroughs

Real Estate Attorney

Robert is a respectable real estate attorney in the industry. A partner and managing attorney of the firm’s centralized acquisition, development and property closing division. He has been instrumental in building and managing all legal aspects of the company. He focuses on all legal matters relating to development, research and compliance in regards to REO closings and conventional residential closings.

Robert continues to leverage his extensive experience in real estate title review and clearance to foster business growth.

Robert holds a Juris Doctor degree and he's also a member of the Georgia Bar Association.